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Appointments are available on Wednesdays (9am-7:30pm), Thursdays (9am-2:30pm) and Saturdays (10am-5:30).

On-street parking is available in front of the building at 5525 E. Burnside.

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Signature Massage:

Using a variety of both gentle and firm massage techniques, Tracy listens and responds to the body's cues in order to provide a unique and nurturing experience. Move toward a more balanced body while strengthening your own capacity to heal and thrive.

60 minutes - $75     75 minutes - $90     90 minutes - $105

Body Awareness Therapy:

Become an active participant in your health by increasing your inner-body awareness. Through a combination of focused touch, breath and observation, Tracy will guide your attention inward.  This work helps improve outcomes for areas of tension and pain, expands emotional and physical awareness, and provides a helpful self-care tool for all the days you're NOT getting massage.

This work may be particularly useful for those who have become disconnected from their bodies due to stress or chronic pain. It may also be useful for students of meditation, yoga or other somatic practices who wish to further explore and expand their skills. Sessions are usually  done clothed on the table and require mindful verbal participation. 

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60 minutes - $75     3-session series - $202


Cupping is a time-honored form of therapy that uses the principles of suction or negative pressure to undo stubborn knots, aid in myofascial release and increase circulation. Plastic vacuum cups precisely calibrated to your comfort level are placed and/or massaged across problem areas for a deeply therapeutic treatment. Tracy offers cupping as an add-on to be incorporated into your full massage session.

Cupping add-on (may be booked online or requested at start of session)  - $10

Gentle In-Home Massage for Seniors:

An outcall service for elders in assisted living, long-term care and hospice. Sessions combine one-on-one focused attention, intentional touch and sensitive massage with specialized communication skills for the medically frail.

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Bene Massage does NO health insurance billing and NO billing for motor vehicle accident claims.

Payment by cash/check/credit can be made at the time of service or you can prepay when you book your appointment.