Body Awareness Therapy

"By paying attention to thoughts, feelings, sensations—our internal life—we become more aware of internal cues and thus more able to engage in self-care in order to maintain balance and important mind-body-spirit connections."

-Cynthia Price

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Body Awareness sessions at Bene Massage are based on a technique called Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT) developed over the course of 20 years and under ongoing research by Cynthia Price, Ph.D., M.A., LMT at the University of Washington. In these sessions you will learn to increase attention to one or more areas of the body and maintain awareness of the associated internal sensations (i.e. the shape, density, and temperature or associated colors and emotions).Research has shown that making this kind of mindful attention part of your life can:

  • Help decrease stress and tension.

  • Help you better manage mental and physical health issues.

  • Help you become more physically and emotionally aware.

Sessions are most often done clothed on the massage table. Instead of "spacing out" you will be asked to actively participate by focusing attention inward, usually on an area of tension or discomfort, and answering questions throughout. These sessions may provide you with vital information about your physical or emotional landscape, and empower you to utilize these skills in daily life.

Body Awareness Therapy may be of particular use to those who feel disconnected or uncomfortably stuck in their bodies due to chronic stress or pain. It may also be of interest to students of meditation, yoga or other somatic practice who wish to expand their inner-body experience.

For more information, visit the MABT website or read this trade article written by Cynthia Price for Massage Magazine.